Birchwood HOA FAQ


1. How do I sign up to volunteer?
Send us your interests and information via the Contact Us page or simply reply to one of the event emails letting us know of your interest.

2. How do I join the email contact list?
Provide your contact information via the Contact Us page on the website.
The contact list is what we use to send mass emails with upcoming events and neighborhood information.

3. Does Birchwood have a Facebook page?
Yes, like us at Birchwood Homeowners Association.

4. Lost & Found
Email notification is used for official Birchwood HOA communication but we do offer to place notices about Lost & Found (dogs, bicycles, property, etc) on our Facebook page, please submit information via the Contact Us page.

5. There is suspicious or illegal activity, what do I do?
Emergencies call 911; otherwise contact Broken Arrow Police Department at (918) 259-8400. Please send information via the Contact Us page, as we do accumulate information in case there other reports.

6. Can I advertise my business on the Birchwood website?
We do not offer advertising on our website or Facebook page.


1. When are dues due?
Dues are due annually on June 15th.

2. How much are dues?
Annual dues are $375, increased in 2019 from $325 to $375, prior increase was in 2006.
Special Escrow Areas additional Annual Escrow (private streets and gated areas)

  • Villas Blocks 1 & 2 – $ 150
  • Reserve – $ 175
  • Villas Block 3 – $75
  • III Blocks 10 & 11 – $75

3. What are Escrows for?
Escrow monies are used to pay for private street and gate maintenance and repairs.

4. Are there any discounts on dues?
The dues, for all homeowners, are already reduced/discounted due to our continued success managing income and all HOA expenses. Most neighborhoods of our size and with similar amenities have annual dues ranging from $500 to over $1000.

5. Can I pay my dues online?
Unfortunately we are not able to provide this service due to cost. You may pay online through your bank’s online bill pay service.

6. Can I pay my dues with a Credit Card?
Unfortunately Credit Card processing fees are too high and to keep expenses down we do not offer this service.

7. Where do I send my dues payment?
PO Box 1437
Broken Arrow OK 74013


1. How do I get a copy of the Covenants for the area I live in?
Covenant copies are available on the Covenants page.

2. What are the Covenants for Recreational Vehicles?
Boats, trailers and RV’s are to be stored in an enclosed garage.  A copy of the Covenants can be found on the Covenants page.

3. What do I do if I want to build a fence, wall mailbox or other structural additions?
Email your plans and specifications using the Contact Us page. The Architectural Committee will promptly review and respond.

4. What roofing shingles are allowed per the Covenants?

The HOA Board of directors has reviewed the covenant roofing requirements and approves the use of Tamko Thunderstorm gray 30 year (an upgrade) to shingles listed in the HOA covenants. The aboard also approves the use of the following additional companies and colors:

Owens Corning – Estate Gray shingles
Certainteed – Georgetown grey shingles
GAF – Slate shingles

(The above shingles are equivalent or better in quality and color to Tamko, and provide the same style and color of the original Tamko shingle )

Please send an approval request to the Birchwood HOA for any roofing or construction project before starting the work.